What are the subsidiaries of Amazon inc?

Amazon is a very big company and has centres located almost everywhere around the world. It is so much big, and day by day, its stocks named AMZN(AMZN stock) are being bought by huge investors. The stocks of Amazon are always trending in the world market. People are always keen on purchasing the stock.

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Amazon has bought more than 40 subsidiaries over the years, but these are only a few of them:-

  •  A9.com:- A9 is a company that is dedicated to do research and bring about new invention in technology and has remained a subsidiary of Amazon from 2003.
  • Amazon Maritime:- The company carries a governmental maritime commission permit to work an NVOOC (Non-Vessel Owning Common Carrier ) which allows the organisation to maintain its personal shipment to bring products from China to the USA and vice versa.
  •  Annapurna labs:- The year of 2015, Amazon web services bought Annapurna labs an Israeli based micro electrics company which is helping Amazon to grow in electronics even faster and helping them to research on their own products.
  • Audible.com:- Audible is an audio-based entertainment website where you can hear audiobooks of different genres like horror, Sci-Fi, comedy etc. It also has the option where you can also listen to the radio, TV program and also magazines.
  •  Brilliance Audio:- The company is an audiobook publicist who was found in the year 1984. It was done by Michael Snodgrass and in the late ’80s, and early 90’s this used to provide cassette tape to those people who didn’t have that much money to afford a book.
  • ComiXology:- This is a cloud-based company which offer various range of comics online which you can download and has over 40,000 comics in 2013. This was bought by Amazon during the year 2014 so that they can also upload the books online on a website or a device.
  • Create Space:- This is a place where your new creators, singers can upload their first album or their first-ever work so that people can see or listen to it and vote if they want to bring more like these out in the market or not.
  • Junglee:- This is a website where you can view all the different and the same products that are offered by different suppliers around the world and buy the one you want, and this was acquired by Amazon during the year 1998.
  • Lab 126:- This is a place where they create new devices, and this helped Amazon to build its Kindle after it was bought in 2014.

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