Implementing a document management system using existing infrastructure

Bending Bank’s Requirements were quite precise. They had recognized some acute deficiencies and inefficiencies within their current procedures concerning contract loan refunds and were searching to. Formerly, each Bending Bank loan processing office could either email or fax their loan application files to a central facility in Ipswich Queensland, in which they had be processed and scanned. This was a significant overhead for the lender because it took lots of resources to not just attend the files sent via email, but also deal with the voluminous quantities of faxes it obtained on a daily basis. A lot of effort was invested into maintaining track and ensuring that the whole documentation provided in front office to the back office has been gathered and processed. This entire processing Cycle took could take between 2-3 days, obviously unacceptable in this era.

Document management

A Document Management Option with no trouble or heartache Do gate was the Solution custom constructed for your Bending Bank. This system allowed consistent record management capabilities across each the Bank’s branches, irrespective of gear. It provided for the scanning of documents via facsimile, direct scan or scan-to- email center right on hosts that are offsite. Since each loan program was treated as a place, there would be no way the portions of this documentation to get a client could go lost. This sort of input existing front office gear that was a big incentive for your Bank Another significant advantage was compared to files were readily available for viewing within minutes of its loading into the server. Total document sets can be looked at quickly and efficiently by means of an internet portal center, once again emphasizing the smart use of current infrastructure.

The job was rolled out company wide, for the Bending Bank, and has radically reduced the quantity of physical record handling in addition to the quantity of paper instruction requiring storage. John Stumper Project Supervisor from Bending Bank states It is improved our compliance capacities as we already had a good deal of interaction between front and back offices, so it is clearer today which files are busy and that are archived and look at intelligent document processing platform. It surely has diminished the quantity of paper that is been coming to our office, and our response times. Data omit is a Global Leader in ICT with over twenty-nine years’ expertise within the subject of micrographics, information and records management, imaging, and Digital Instruction options.