Important Things You Need to Do Before Start Painting

Although painting your own House may be an overwhelming task, it can be achieved with just a little planning. This could be the easiest way to save money on the way and renovations to transform your home’s appearance. But before you begin, you will need to be certain the next steps are set up. This will save you a lot of headaches in the long term.

Remove or cover all furniture and objects

Before you begin painting by removing objects, furniture and all decorations clear the space before the walls. For push those towards the middle far away from the walls as you can. Once that is done, cover in the area with drop cloths. These are cheap and can be bought from any hardware or home improvement store.


Cover the floors

When you have carpet, Linoleum floors or hardwood, you will have to cover every inch of it. Use a canvas drop cloth for the flooring. Drop cloths or newspaper will slip and slide if paint drips on the ground leaving a huge mess. Once it dries since paint is hard to eliminate on carpeting or polished 13, this is a must.

Trim walls, baseboards and fixtures

Unless you have a very steady hand you will have to trim the edge of your walls. This comprises adhesive for easy removal and is not your regular masking tape. You would have to tape lining the edge of the tape to the border to paint your walls. This will keep the paint. The same has to be accomplished over some other moldings and the baseboard. You would have to tape if you wish to paint the ceiling.

Have Supplies Ready

Throughout a paint job, make sure you have. You will require a ladder, a roller, a paint tray with lining for trimming and a paintbrush. You need to minimize monitoring paint and walking in and out of this space. Ensure to wear shoes and clothes which you have a set of painting gloves and a hat, in addition to no intentions of keeping.

Paint the space

You will have to cover your walls with a primer if you areĀ bang gia son jotun over an existing dark color. That could take 1-2 hours depending on your room’s size. You will also have to wait for two or an hour for it to dry before applying on a brand new coat of paint. You may use the paint after the primer is dried. Trim the edges of the walls. Then paint a roller on the walls, taking care to spread the paint out. The paint job you want to apply. Be certain that you wait for the paint before applying on a coat to dry.